Experimenting With One Image "Moodboards"

Moodboards are a great way to get inspired. Between 2014 and 2015 I was really enjoying making "real life" moodboards -the ones made with small objects, fabric pieces, magazine pages, etc...  I used to do it all the time when I worked with fashion design, so I decided to use it into my graphic design process. Although it was refreshing and fun, when we work with clients from other States or countries, it can add a twist to the process: props hunting. And I certainly wouldn't have the time or budget to do this on every project. So I abandoned the physical moodboard idea and have been searching for something that truly speaks to me in terms of setting the mood for a project.

Behind the Stock Photography

I've been taking a lot of stock photos lately. Let me tell you: it's definitely not as easy as it seems.

Having worked with photography for years, I have to admit that taking photos of people is easier than taking photos of things. Actually, I should rephrase this: taking candid lifestyle photos is easier than taking stock photos.

Free Calendar Styled Photos

We created a full collection of calendar photos to use on our blog and social media and thought: Why not share it with you awesome creativepreneurs!? So here it is, a full collection (40 photos!) of the 2017 calendar photos for you. Feel free to download it and use on your brand. 

Here's a preview of the collection. The download button is right bellow it. Enjoy the collection, creativepreneur!

Finding Brand Clarity and Purpose

Branding seems to be such an easy thing. A set of elements that we can put together half-intentionally and just make it work. Just a "face" that we're giving to our website, blog, project...  In all honesty, it can be simple. I do believe that building a brand can take as little as 1 week -at least the base of the brand's visual identity. With the years, I've learned that branding is an ever evolving process. Almost a living thing, that changes and adapts itself according to our brand's development, needs, purpose, goals, and so on. On the other hand, there's nothing wrong with taking months to launch a brand -one that is well thought through, strategically planned, and will cause impact.

Behind The Brand: Mornings

We've been working like crazy, creating new photos, templates, workbooks, and everything we can think of. Busy times! Awesome times! But the best part tend to be the photoshoots -they are always tons of fun. Mornings are always my favorite part of the day for photoshoots -beautiful, inspiring, sunny mornings. I just open up all my windows and let the sun light do its job.

The least favorite parts are the planning and the accounting. I think every creative entrepreneur will agree on this one, right?