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Branding services created for small businesses and entrepreneurs, to reflect your brand story and elevate how your brand is perceived by your audience. 

I am a creative. Just like you.

Hi there! I’m Kelly. I work with creative entrepreneurs and small businesses to help develop memorable brands and  grow a successful business. I have been specializing in branding for the past ten years, and one thing is certain: brand planning and strategy is one of the best ways to grow a business.

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identity DESIGN

Branding and web design created to represent your unique brand’s message and goals.


Get clarity, answers, and actionable steps that you can apply to your business today.


A program developed to help you grow a healthy and successful business through branding

“Business took off after your amazing work! I was published in two magazines over the past year and I couldn’t have done it without your vision. Thank you again!”


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    Kelly Brito

    Kelly Brito

    Branding consulting & strategy for creatives

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    Kelly Brito

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