Getting Clear on Your Brand's Why

Your brand’s why is the basis for your entire brand strategy. It’s the basis for your messaging and how you connect with your audience. 

Your why should be aligned with:

  • What you do
  • Who you serve
  • What you offer

All the three points above should go back to you brand’s “why.” It’s very difficult to build a solid brand and move forward with the strategy, unless we understand the one main thing that moves your business’ soul: your why.

In branding, everything is connected. So, to achieve beautiful visuals that attract your audience, you need to have a clear message. To have clear message, you need to be clear on your why.

You may not realize it, but being clear on your branding basics (like your brand’s why) affects  the way you create and position your products, offers, services. Because you will know who you are talking to and how to create your offers accordingly.

There isn’t much to be said on this. And it’s definitely not something that can be taught -and you know me, if that’s all I have so say (even if it’s short and sweet), then that’s all I have to say. Your is more of an introspective subject.


If you are new to brand strategy, start with episode 01 on the basics about brand, branding, and visual identity.

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