Terms & Refund Policy

Terms Of Use

Digital Products

All digital products are property of Kelly Brito and you are not allowed to claim ownership nor resell the items in any way.
You can use the digital products on your personal and business projects.
You can use the digital products on your clients’ projects.
You are allowed to use your digital product on any website you own.
For each client project, a  new digital product must be purchased -you cannot use the same product on multiple client projects.

Website Content

Copy is intellectual property of Kelly Brito and cannot be copied on any website other than kellybrito.com

Refund and Returns Policy

Services Refund

For all services, your refund policies will be previously discussed and will be available on your contract. 

Digital Downloads Refund

No refunds are processed for digital products. It’s the nature of the business, since there is no way to know if or when you used the product you bought on the shop.

Please get in touch before purchasing products if you have any doubts.

Exchanges Policy

No exchanges will be processed. Again, being the nature of the digital business, we cannot know or control if you use the previously purchased product. 

Need Help?

Contact us at hello (at) kellybrito.com for questions related to refunds, returns, or products.