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Writing is one of my passions, so I’ve been blogging since the AOL Pages days (1997, anyone?). Welcome to The Brand Strategy Blog, where I share all things business, strategy, and design for brands dedicated to building a lifestyle business throughout heartfelt branding.

5 Steps To Create a Strong Brand Design

Working with a brand consultant or coach can be invaluable, because without professional help and input, most of us will hardly be able to explore the depth of our brands, and will

Brand Clarity – The Logo in a Brand

  When branding, we are trying to create an emotional connection between our product and the client’s mind. Therefore, having a recognizable mark is important. That’s where the logo comes in. It

Building a Vision Board For Your Brand

Building a vision board is one of the first steps in branding and definitely a very important one. If you read the post 5 Steps To Create a Strong Brand Design, you’ve

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Hey, I’m Kelly. Welcome to The Brand Strategy Blog. I also share free stock photos on Unsplash, keep a personal (and writer) blog, and hangout on Instagram. 

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Kelly Brito

Kelly Brito

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