As it is with everything, there’s  no magic to get success. Specially on social media! But there are some things we can do to help boost our social media presence a bit…

Let’s talk about our social media presence:

1. Treat each media as uniquely as they are

If we treat them all the same, we are bound to have a failed experience in one or more of them. All social media platforms were created with a different purpose and with a different public in mind. It is important to understand why we use each platform and who we are communicating with while posting there. I use Pinterest and Instagram very differently, even though they are all image-oriented medias.

2. Schedule your posts AND the time to check your accounts

If we don’t schedule our posts, we’ll most likely forget to share important content with our clients and followers. And if we don’t schedule a proper time (once a day, twice or as needed), we’ll be eaten alive by your need to constantly check our social media accounts -which can be from 1 to 10 accounts. If we were to have 10 accounts, imagine checking each one 5 times a day? Yep. We won’t have time to do some actual work, this way.

3. All medias have different requirements and a different public

Our Facebook fans might be really interested on our latest sales event, but our Pinterest fans probably are not. They are interested on our latest design, our beautiful office redecoration, our new handwritten font… Feed followers the wrong content, and they are bound to leave. For a fashion designer, for example, a good tactic would be sharing the latest dress for sale on Facebook, the behind the scenes of the new design construction or photoshoot on Instagram, and the beautiful result image of your photoshoot for that dress on Pinterest (with a link to the shop!). 

4. Post several times a day.

The amount of times varies according to the acceptance of your followers and type of media. The Facebook page for the Digital Photography School posts between 5 and 6 times daily, with great results/engagement. Now, your own fans might think that’s too much, so try and see what is a good number for you. But the point is: not everybody is on the computer at the same time, and not everybody lives in the same country. So, posting during different times, is a very good tactic.

2021 UPDATE: Since this post was written, at the early days of social media, posting daily is no longer a relevant tactic. The algorithm is much smarter now and I’ll write an updated post on this.

SECOND 2021 UPDATE (Oct. 2021): Vanessa Lau recently shared on her Youtube channel that posting several times a day on Instagram has increased her reach greatly, which causing to have less engagement per post. This truly means that you must keep an eye on your stats and see what works for you -there’s no magic secret or must-do rule on social media strategy!

5. Posting the same content everywhere is ok.

I used to say that posting the same content everywhere was crazy and that people didn’t want to read the same thing everywhere they followed you. But Social Media became complex. Few people follow one same business on all medias -plus, algorithm… So, yeah, it is ok to share the exact same thing on all social medias. From my experience, no one really cares if they saw the same content on different medias at all! That being said, I always suggest you are smart about this, as there is truly no NEED to be on ALL medias. Choose the places where your audience is and develop a solid strategy for it. All the rest can be automatic repost. 

Improving our social media presence is a continuous effort, that requires trying different things -because every business and brands have different needs.

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5 Ways To Successfully Nail Social Media Presence

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