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Every brand has an unique story and every business has unique needs. My workbooks (or any other products and services) are created to further develop all that makes your brand unique, while creating a support system for your business growth.

If you feel your brand needs to target one of these areas, click on the image to read a full description and instantly download the workbook.

grow your business with brand strategy - course

A course created to do exactly what it says: help you grow your business, while developing a strong brand strategy. 

This is a self-paced course, structured in 5 modules, which you can start today and finish in 5 weeks or 5 days!

  • Brand values, message, and story.
  • Developing a visual identity that reflects and complements your business goals.
  • Online presence strategy (newsletter, blog, social media, podcast…)
  • Content strategy for a consistent year of growth with brand awareness and growth tactics.
  • Business tools, bookkeping, and other tips!

A membership program for creative entrepreneurs who want to:

1. Learn how to develop a strong, unique, heartfelt brand.

2. Grow a profitable business through branding development.

3. Access to all workbooks and templates. 

4. Access to the stock photos library.

5. Access to anytime brand strategy coaching through texting/messaging.

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Kelly Brito

Kelly Brito

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