Dear creative entrepreneur, is this you:

ᐅ You want to elevate your brand, use the so popular storytelling strategy, and create a brand identity you love.

ᐅ You want to invest in yourself and in your business, but you cannot afford high-ticket programs right now…

I’ve been there. I know how it feels. And that’s why I created The Simple Brand Strategy course: to meet you where YOU are at.

The Simple Brand Strategy Course

Use storytelling, attract your ideal clients, and start building a visual identity you love!


Get access to moodboards, brand guides, branding kits templates, stock photos, and more!


All your branding questions answered on the paid members-only Facebook Group.

Immediate access to 4 modules, with 3 lessons each -with video lessons + workbooks.

I'm Kelly Brito, a branding designer and coach with over 15 years of experience!
My mission is to help purpose-driven entrepreneurs build a successful business through impactful and unique branding.

Checkout the welcome video you’ll find inside the “Start Here” module for the course.

the $27 launch price will go to $97 in April!

Just the juicy details...

Sorry to disappoint you, but this will NOT be another boring and long sales page. I’ll give you the details and let you choose if you wanna click that “buy now this is a steal!” button or not. Deal?

ᐅ This course has 4 modules that you do at your own pace

ᐅ You get ALL your questions answered on the private FB group (for paid customers only)

ᐅ You get 3 lessons per module


ᐅ You get weekly action steps (5 steps) plan on each module

ᐅ Each lesson comes with video AND text, which reflect each other.

ᐅ Each module comes with a full book/workbook you can download for future reference and use.

ᐅ I am 100% sure you will see results in your business if you show up and do the work. 

ᐅ It is up to YOU to do the work. But I’ll be on the FB Group answering your questions and supporting you all the way!!! 🎉

Have doubts? DM me!