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Typography in Branding – DIY Logo

While creating graphics and fonts from zero is pretty cool, we don’t always have the time nor the skills to do so. Thankfully, there’s a nearly infinite amount of awesome font families out there today. Let’s talk about typography in branding -on this post, we will be focusing on the use of typography in logos.

typography in branding

Typography in Branding – Part 1: logos

Let me start by saying that I love free fonts as much as the next designer, but I really value premium fonts. They are usually better developed and come with a whole family variation (sans-serif, serif, bold, thin, ultra thin, etc). A comprehensive font family means more possibilities and flexibility when building a cohesive branding design. Here’s what you’ll get in the fonts in branding series:
  • How to create the featured logo yourself!
  • What fonts I used + where to get them
  • Colors I used (hex color codes)
  • Tips + suggestions on how to use these fonts to continuously grow your brand visual identity!

DIY – Recreate The Blackstone House Logo
You are completely free to recreate and use the Blackstone House logo yourself. I’ll share tips of how you can make this logo unique to your own brand below.

Primary Font: Blackstone

Secondary Font: Avenir

Colors: white #ffffff and beige #bdb5a2


Make Your Logo Unique

Avenir comes with 12 variations that you can mix and match to create your logo. And Blackstone is an effortless beauty, with its calligraphy style. Play with these fonts, exchange the positions, use Blackstone as secondary and Avenir as primary. Try Avenir’s different weights and style. The sky’s the limit!

When it comes to developing a logo you love, your first step is to spend many hours trying different combinations.

Have fun!

Maybe this logo style isn’t what you’re looking for. It’s ok, more logos, font styles, and tips will be publish in the Typography in Branding series. For now, the key takeaway is: Comprehensive font family means more possibilities on your branding design


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