After over a decade designing, I’ve come to the realization that the more options you offer to your client, the harder it is to make a decision. It is the designer’s job to understand what the client’s business needs, what her brand needs, and come up with THE solution for that brand. Honestly, the success of this approach depends on the designer’s experience -which will allow the designer to pull it off the right way. After all, it goes beyond design skills, it also goes (heavily!) into strategy.

In my first years designing for clients, I used to present at least 6 initial concepts. From there, the client could chose 2 and ask for a review on each of them. Then choose 1 and do another 3+ rounds of revision on it. Imagine how long that took!? Not only that, but it spread my creativity thin, but offering 2-3 good logos and 2-3 mediocre logos.

I decided to offer the client only my best work! That’s what I was getting paid for, after all. So I started cutting down on the initial concepts and number of revisions. No one ever complained. By last Summer, I was offering 2-3 initial concepts with ONE revision on the chosen concept. And now, I’m down to the ONE concept approach.

Why One Concept?

I now offer an initial consulting call, which I didn’t before. It’s a 30-60min call to discuss my client’s business and brand. If we are a match, the client receives the on-boarding package and we have a full 1 hour strategy call. That’s when I get to truly connect and know their story, their inspiration, their audience… A thousand emails are not worth a call, my friend! It makes a world of difference. And from this call, I leave confident I understood my what my client wants, and -more importantly, what my client’s brand needs.

Of course, seeing some examples doesn’t hurt (I’m a visual being, after all).

But from that call, within one week, my client is able to see their carefully crafted concept! And within one more week, their website is ready for launch.

We have 4 calls in total, 2 of these with a shared screen, to discuss the progress! All calls are filled with clarity and strategy -including tips on how to launch and a “coming soon!” page to collect sign ups, if that’s something the clients chooses to have (it’s ideal for brand new businesses/websites).

The new branding design package structure

There is a minimum of elements that are necessary to build an business’ visual identity. So I created a package that includes everything a business needs to have an impactful and professional identity.

This package includes:

  • Logo
  • Submark
  • Business Card (design only)
  • Pattern
  • Up to 3 graphic elements
  • Website design and development/implementation (WordPress or Squarespace)

Curious about the process?

I work with 2 clients per month only, so you really should reserve your spot on my calendar as soon as you can. But no worries, first we get to chat or have our first clarity call and only if we’re a match, you pay the 25% retainer to be added to my calendar.

Your on-boarding package will come with everything you need to know and get prepared for our Strategy Call!

It’s a truly exciting process and I’d love to have you on-board. I’m super responsive on Messenger – so get in touch here for an extra quick reply!

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