Branding Coaching

The Brand Experience

A three-weeks ONE-ON-ONE coaching program that covers all major branding touchpoints. Developed based on my 20+ years of experience and process in building brands for entrepreneurs and small businesses all over the world, this coaching program is structured, powerful, and gives you everything you need to become the master of YOUR brand.


Brand Foundations

  • 1hr Coaching Call
  • 32 Pages Brand Foundations Workbook
  • Your Brand's Core Values
  • Getting Clear On Your Brand's Story
  • Choosing Brand Words That Reflect and Support Your Branding
  • Target Audience and Ideal Client
  • The Power of Your Brand Promise
  • Developing a Clear Brand Message

Brand Strategy

  • 1hr Coaching Call
  • 30 Pages Brand Strategy WOrkbook
  • Developing a Powerful Brand Mission Statement
  • Brand Positioning That is Value-Based
  • Offer & Services Positioning
  • How to Use Storytelling Strategy on Your Brand
  • Creating an Elevated Client Experience

Brand Identity

  • 1hr coaching call
  • 38 pages brand identity workbook
  • 1Understanding Fonts, Typography, Calligraphy
  • The Psychology of Brand Colors
  • Photography Style That Complements Your Branding Goals
  • Creating a Moodboard For Your Brand Identity
  • Logos & Brand Elements
  • Brand Identity Guides
  • Branding Your Online Presence (social media and websites)

It exceeded my expectations! It helped me define the sole purpose of my brand and eliminated overwhelm. I honestly thought, "I'm going to have my colors and graphic elements at the end of this, which is what I need." But you explained how branding is the heart, soul, mission, and voice of a company...not just pretty colors and great photos. I was able to get super clear on what I offered and WHY I offered it. That's so valuable for a solopreneur like me.


On a budget? You can choose a 3/weeks payment plan!

This is a fully immersive branding program, focusing on the mission of my company and my audience FIRST, then digging into design details. I now have 110% confidence behind my beautiful brand! kelly took the overwhelm of branding my new business with clear direction and coaching support. Kelly asks all the right questions and is supportive the whole time. The entire journey was smooth, informative, and fun.



I learned a lot from Coach Kelly's program. Things like Brand Mission, my vision, how to craft an unique and compelling Personal Brand, as well as stand out and be known by my target market (positioning!). Kelly was there to guide me on every step of my branding journey! It has shaped me to become a better designer, now that I have clarity and understand the strategy that goes in branding building.


Branding Coaching Kelly Brito

Why Branding Coaching?

You may be asking yourself: Why do I need branding coaching? Isn't my designer going to take care of all my strategy?

Well, yes and no. Firstly, not every graphic designer or web designer specializes in brand strategy. Secondly, even if they do, they will not share it with YOU, they will simply apply it to their creation (your brand identity or website) according to their vision or needs.

Branding coaching will elevate your brand in itself and your own branding knowledge beyond your design. You will understand and be clear on things like your brand's message, have an easier time communicating your why, your promise, your mission... You master your branding foundations, develop a solid strategy, and even will be able to design your visual identity confidently (by yourself or with a designer) -as I will give you all the tools to create a strategy plan, create a visual identity that support your goals, plus brand a website and social media presence in a way that constantly supports your business growth!

So, before investing $3,000, $5,000, or $10,000 on  a brand identity that may or may not translate and suppoort your goals, invest in branding coaching. This way, you will be full confident, become your own strategist (who better!?), and be a creative director for any designer or photographer that works for your branding creation process.