How to Use Storytelling to Build Your Brand

What the heck is Brand Story Strategy?

I know we understand storytelling when it’s structured in a book: beginning, middle, and end. But when it comes to applying it to a brand, many of us have a hard time translating it.

My best advice is: think of a hero’s journey. YOU are the “hero” on your brand.

Brand Story Strategy

Everybody has a different story. Exploring what makes us unique and then finding the strategic way to tell it, in a way it supports the business growth and brand awareness, is brand storytelling.

As humans, we are naturally attracted to story. Be it through writing, photography, orally… we like to tell stories. We like to listen to stories. That’s what makes brand storytelling such a powerful tool.

Of course, you cannot just pick random parts of your story and share it with your audience, just because. If there’s no strategy, well, it’s not brand story strategy -it’s, simply, storytelling. And, in business, if there’s no strategic plan and purpose behind what you’re sharing, then is it even worth sharing it?

But if you have a plan, a strategy, you will choose a specific part of your story that will allow you to connect with the audience, or provoke a certain emotion (which is the way to attract the right audience and build a community), or even make a sale. It all depends on your plan and strategy.

The story you tell can have an individual goal, on a single post (like promoting a webinar or selling a one-of product), or it can part of a bigger picture (as a campaign for a launch).

Brand Story Episode’s takeaways:

  • Storytelling/Brand Story is a branding strategy that helps you connect with your audience through telling your story (or A story)
  • The brand story you tell must have a purpose and strategy behind it
  • The brand story can be a one of or part of a larger story/plan
  • Photos/images are important, as that is usually the first thing our audience sees (before they actually read our story)
  • If there is no strategy and purpose behind the story you are sharing, why share it?

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