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5 Steps To Create a Strong Brand Design

It’s undeniable that some of us really need some kind of branding consultation or coaching before we can create a strong brand design identity. This is true, mostly, because without professional help and input, we will never explore the depth of our brands, and therefore, we may not know how to express our brand properly -be it through design, copy, or marketing strategy. So today I decided to share steps to create a strong branding design you will love.

How many of us are brand designers? Not many, truly. We are business coaches, health consultants, teachers… So it’s natural that we will need help with design -like tips for a better UX (user experience) in a website or blog design. But knowing what moves your brand and having a good idea of what you want, is essential to have a successful start on creating something you love!

5 Steps To Create A Strong Brand Design

Here are solid 5 Steps to Create a Strong Brand Design:

1. Absorb All the Fantastic Designs Out There

I mean this in a very conscious and selective way.

What this really means is that we should expand our horizons in the styles available out there. The algorithm of things tends to push on us more and more of what we "like" and comment on. But many times, what we like on someone else's feed is not a good match and representation of our brand's message or supports our business goals.

2. Collect Inspiration

In my experience, Pinterest is the best place to collect inspiration.

Create a board where you can collect the images that you feel have some level of aesthetic connection with your brand. This is a very simple process, but be careful to not be overflown with images that are attractive, but do not necessarily represent the branding aesthetic you’re going for. After you add everything, start polishing your board up, keeping only 4-5 of each image type in your board (like logos, brand kits, photos, font styles, colors, etc).

3. Create a Vision Board

During the vision board creation process, you’ll keep only a few images that really connect to each other and create the ideal “vibe” for your brand.

A vision board is great for helping us envision things in a more tangible way. Be it a trip, a lifestyle, a business, or a brand vibe, vision boards will help us dream with our feet on the ground.

If you’re ready to build your vision board, read Gathering Inspiration and Building a Vision Board For Your Brand to get the details of this process.

4. Create Your Branding Moodboard

The moodboard is what will actually help you give shape to your branding design.





You studied the many design styles out there, created a vision board to inspire your business and brand goals, and now we close this inspiration process by creating a moodboard.

From the same place I collected for my vision board, I like to extract some photos, fonts, logos, etc., for my moodboard. I recommend you watch the video/podcast for more details.

If you need help understanding the "science" behind the logo, read my post The Logo – Branding 101 to help you develop your logo better. I will assume you created a logo (or bought a premade one) and will jump straight to your visual identity board.

5. Build A Basic Visual Identity Board

A small brand board can be so helpful! Add your brand fonts, colors, patterns, your logo, icons, and the main things that are part of your brand’s visual identity. This will be your “go-to” document once you’re ready to create any visual element for your brand. The brand guide will help you make sure your branding is always on point!

GOOD THINGS TO HELP YOU on the free resources page! Like the Free Brand Strategy Webinar and the Branding Style Quiz.