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5 Social Media Tactics To Adopt Today

As it is with everything, there’s no magic to get success. Especially on social media! But there are some social media tactics we can do to help boost our online presence a bit.

While tactics are great, it's important to remember we need a strategy -a planned-out combo of tactics. Tactics are short-term, while strategies allow us to go far in the game.

Let's Cover Those 5 Social Media Tactics:

5 Social Media Tactics

1. Treat Each Media As Uniquely As They Are

If we treat them all the same, we are bound to have a failed experience in one or more of them.

It is important to understand why we use each platform and who we are communicating with while posting there.

For the sake of example, let's use LinkedIn.Even though we could create the same content for all of them, the truth is text posts has a chance of doing better than a video post on LinkedIn.

I spent most of 2021 creating Reels and I like it more than writing posts. I re-purposed those videos on many platforms, but rarely on LinkedIn.

This brings me to my next point: Each social media has a different audience, with different needs, speaking a "different language."

2. Speak The Language Of Your Chosen Platform

I should rephrase this to: each social media fulfills different audiences' needs.

While, yes, people on Facebook and Instagram were wildly different some years ago, the gap in demographics (age, sex, location, etc) for social media platforms is becoming smaller. Today, most people on Facebook have Instagram, most people on Instagram have TikTok, and so on.

That being said, each platform is still created to fulfill a different "need". A niche, if you prefer. Instagram (even Reels) has become very small business-y oriented in its content. TikTok tends to be people's go-to for hacks and learning things, Facebook developed a local community/political vibe...

Does that mean a business coach, a yoga teacher, and a photographer need to use different platforms? No. It means we should learn to "speak the language" of each platform.

3. Post Constantly And Consistently

The number of times varies according to the acceptance of your followers and the type of media.

In 2019 and 2020 many social media managers reinforced the idea that posting daily was absolutely irrelevant.

But is it the same today? Social media changes often and fast, so it's important to continuously stay on top of the algorithm changes and platform requirements.

Vanessa Lau recently shared on her Youtube channel that posting several times a day on Instagram has increased her reach greatly (something like 10k followers in 10 days -video here), which caused her posts to have less engagement per post.

Posting daily is a tactic that works on Instagram. Posting multiple times a day is a tactic that works on Twitter/Facebook. Posting weekly is a tactic that works on Youtube/podcasts. And we can actually mix and match without following any of these "rules."

This just means we must keep an eye on your stats and see what works for you -there’s no magic secret or must-do rule on social media strategy.

4. Schedule Your Posts And Times To Engage

If we don’t schedule our posts, we’ll most likely forget to share important content with our clients and followers. I've been there too many times.

If we don’t schedule a proper time (once a day, twice, or as needed), we’ll be eaten alive by your need to constantly check our social media accounts -which can be anywhere from 1 to 10 accounts.

If we were to have 10 accounts, imagine checking each one 5 times a day. We won’t have time to do some actual work.

The best part of scheduling is that it allows us to plan ahead and post relevant content that supports our sales events, product launches, and so on. If you have a hard time sticking to this, I have some $5 workbooks and a Google sheets calendar that will help you tons!

5. Post The Same Content Everywhere (It's OK)

I used to say that posting the same content everywhere was crazy and that people didn’t want to read the same thing everywhere they followed you. That was true at the dawn of social media.

But Social Media became complex. Busy. Overflowing with content. And now, there is so much content going through each of our apps daily that even though I post the same content on my Shorts, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and LinkedIn pages, you will (maybe!) catch that post in one of them.

Choose the places where your audience is and develop a solid strategy for it. All the rest can be an automatic repost (the famous "repurposed content").

Improving our social media presence is a continuous effort, that requires trying different things, because every business has different goals.

If you're looking for an overall online presence improvement, not just social media, I suggest you read my post on SEO for beginners and Blog Post Structure .


Conclusion And Conflicts?

I can see a conflict in point 5 and point 2 (even point 1). But remember, these are tactics, not a strategy. Tactics are independent of each other.

Adopt one or all of these tactics, and see what works best for your brand awareness, growth, business sales, goals, etc. From there, create an actual strategy, keep studying the stats, and refine it until you achieve the desired results.