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Branding My Purpose


How To Build A Humanized, Purposeful, But Business-First Brand
Would you agree that branding a business means humanizing it? As in giving the business human-like traits?If we think of branding in that way, giving a business human-like traits, it might be easier to define our brand's identity. But I do have some ...
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5 Social Media Tactics To Adopt Today
As it is with everything, there’s no magic to get success. Especially on social media! But there are some social media tactics we can do to help boost our online presence a bit. While tactics are great, it's important to remember we need a strategy -...
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5 Steps To Create a Strong Brand Design
It’s undeniable that some of us really need some kind of branding consultation or coaching before we can create a strong brand design identity. This is true, mostly, because without professional help and input, we will never explore the depth of our ...
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Create The Perfect Moodboard For Your Brand
Building a moodboard for your brand is one of the first steps in branding identity design, as well as many other activities and projects that will take place in your business. If you read the post 5 Steps To Create a Strong Brand Design, you’ve ...
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11 Steps To Get Your Business Noticed
We are always investing in ways to make our online business stand out, right? For a business owner, being noticed is a must. One of the top questions I get during my website reviews + consulting sessions is “How do I get my business noticed?” So I th...
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