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Build Your Heartfelt Brand Workbook

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Did you ever consider building a heartfelt brand? A brand that goes beyond selling your products or services, and creating a true connection with your ideal client. This is how brands become memorable! Brand strategy can be complex, but you can start with truly simple steps and start feeling the difference right away.

Start building a brand experience that supports your business growth, today! This 5 steps workbook is super simple and easy to follow. It will help you brainstorm about your brand basics and start on a solid path for brand clarity and business growth.

These simple, but meaningful, 5 steps are some of the most important steps in building a brand with a strong basis and clear goals.


- Entrepreneurs, coaches, and young professionals who want to build a brand that feels "right" and completely heartfelt.
- People who appreciate and want to build their own authentic brands easily

- 19 pages PDF document, divided between book (text/guidance) and workbook (writing area)

Each of these points will be touched upon, some lightly some more in detail. I'm always available to answer your doubts via IG message while you're studying and working on your heartfelt brand.

- Brand pillars
- Your Why
- Brand Story/StoryBrand
- Brand/Business Pitch
- Service/Brand positioning
- Brand Voice
- Brand Visual Style
- Brand Identity
- Brand Cohesiveness
You will get a PDF (36MB) file