5 Steps To Build A Memorable Brand Identity

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Stay 5 Steps Ahead Of The Game


It always amazes me that a green mermaid symbolizes a place called Star-Bucks. I mean, how do those 2 relate? That brings me to my first step: Brand Naming. Let’s take a quick look at 5 steps you can start taking to build your memorable brand identity.

5 steps to build a memorable brand identity

1. Naming

Let’s use Starbucks as an example. Seattle-based, ocean reference, Moby Dick’s Starbuck (first mate of the Pequod).

Seattle > the sea > Moby Dick > Starbucks > mermaid logo (siren, some reinforce).

Domain URL, social media handler, memorability… Check out Jonathan Bell’s fantastic 5 minutes TED talk on brand naming.

2. Voice

Voice = personality.

Developing your own brand voice is gold. How do your copy, photo, and video presence are related and unique? The smallest things can add to building a memorable brand when it comes to developing a brand voice.

I say “tchau tchau” at the end of each podcast episode. Stephanie Su’s Rotten Mango always opens with “bara bin bara bon”.

3. Colors

Colors before anything else in visual identity. Seriously. Our audience will remember our pattern of colors before they remember nearly anything else in a brand’s visual identity.

4. Funnel

By funnel, I really mean focus.

After I started focusing on ONE project and cut off the noise (social media), my income tripled. This happened because my funnel became simple and everything leads to the same place: my Etsy shop.

Focusing on one simple outcome makes it easier to then expand the services, products, and therefore, the brand.

5. Logo

Logos are usually the last thing on my visual identity-building list. A logo can and should be memorable. If we can manage an awesome logo from the start, great! But the fact is: a memorable brand makes the logo, not the other way around.

Logos can be more important for a corporate than a small business, and more important for a small business than a personal brand… Think of that expert you like. What does their logo look like? Most of us will have no idea.

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