3 Things To Help You Create Content That Is On Brand

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How do we create content that is on brand? We want to create content that supports our business’s growth. But it must also align with our brand strategy, as we want to

Continuously reinforce our expert positioning in the market and have a recognizable brand identity.

Can you tell who a post belongs to while scrolling on Instagram, just from the colors or font used on their slide? This is the power of good branding! It helps us to become memorable and recognizable.

Create Content That Is On Brand

Let’s break down how to create content that is on brand

  1. Develop Our Content Pillars
  2. Choose The Content Styles That Align With Your Brand
  3. Reinforce Your Brand’s Personality

Developing Our Content Pillars

One of the biggest steps we should take to create content that is on brand is to have our content pillars in place.

How I approach content pillars creation is by understanding my audience and figuring out what they want to learn more from me.

As experts, we probably know hundreds of small things that are related to our area of expertise. Even when talking about building brands, I will hit points in entrepreneurship and business, marketing, sales, tech, tools, and so on. Usually from a branding perspective.

Having content pillars means we are choosing the things in our niche that we dominate and/or want to be known for.

My way to find content that is in demand is by doing research. I usually research:

  • Hashtags on Instagram
  • Posts on LinkedIn
  • Facebook Groups
  • Google

I suggest you choose topics that come up repetitively in your research, that you dominate well, or that you feel your audience needs help with the most.

I like working with examples, so let me share with you how it works for me: I talk about brand strategy (broad), but also messaging, positioning, design, and other more focused areas within branding. I hit on these areas considerably more than I hit on storytelling. A brand story is something I work with, but it’s not part of my pillars, because messaging and positioning have heavier importance within the strategies I develop than storytelling.

Choose The Content Styles That Align With Your Brand

The industry is always talking about how we should “give value”. This is a buzzword and doesn’t carry a specific message. What do you mean, give value? How? Where? Value in itself will be relative depending on your audience’s level of knowledge or need.

More important than sharing value, is to create content that supports and aligns with our brand. This means: don’t copy everyone else’s style.

There are ways of delivering content. I feel that educational content is the most popular at the moment and considered valuable.

Polarizing content tends to be eye-catching when done well. Avoid creating polarizing content just for the sake of being polarizing. It’s important that our opinion is well founded and makes sense to our audience. This is a way to stand out by thinking differently -which can also reinforce your expert’s positioning.

As an example, polarizing contents I use a lot are “you don’t need a logo” and “forget the client avatar!”. Of course, a business will need a logo. Of course, a client avatar has its place. But both of these tend to be reinforced in the wrong way and created under the wrong framework, therefore, I do my best to explain how and when they are actually needed.

Facebook Groups are my favorite places to research contradicting or poorly structured posts, which I use as a basis to educate my audience.

Reinforce The Brand’s Personality

The content tone, photography used, and graphics should all be telling the same story. Branding is about consistency. Having your brand’s personality shine through every touchpoint is another great way to reinforce content that is on brand.

How your audience experiences you and your brand, over and over again, is how you reinforce your brand’s consistency. From your colors to the website, to the Reels style on Instagram, to the copy on the blog…

To keep the content on brand, we want to:

  • Reinforce our brand’s personality
  • Create an experience
  • Talk about the same things
  • Use templates

I am all in favor of using premade templates to save us time. That being said, customize your template with the brand colors and font style. Make it unique and reflective of your brand’s personality.

I can’t wait to share the brand identity templates with you -as well as everything is created for the Branding With Purpose Club! Don’t forget to sign up for the newsletter to be notified when the Club launches in April!

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