10 Steps to Build a Successful Brand

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Did you know I created a quick webinar with 10 steps to build a successful brand for myself?

10 Steps to Build a Successful Brand

Yes, I was pretty much talking to myself. There’s a whole story behind it, so let me share why I made myself a webinar and how it can help your brand (and business).

The backstory to my “10 steps to build a successful brand”

In mid-January, I accidentally brought down Branding With Purpose Studio’s website (I still have no idea how it happened). But I wasn’t too worried because:

1. The design is minimal and I can recreate the website in a couple of days.

2. I have all my favorite past work saved on my Behance portfolio or on Google Drive.

3. I have most of my posts (since 2013) saved. Most, not all… But that’s ok.

Nonetheless, it was a bit annoying to suddenly have your whole business website down. Just like that!

So I took a couple of days off. To think. Rethink. And have a serious conversation with the universe, since I was so positive 2022 would be a considerably better year (but what a start!).

I decided that, as any good strategist, I should start from the foundation. Study my stats, and insights, and see what was working and what wasn’t. So I hit my Google Analytics.

“Branding by Kelly”

“Kelly Brito Designs”

“Kelly Branding”

Over 75% of the people visiting Branding With Purpose Studio’s website were actually looking for ME. Sweet!

That shifted my whole perspective and priorities. Where before I was focused on hiring new designers, and copywriters, and having a team in place for my studio, I now realize how strong my personal brand had become.

I know this was due to being on the CW TV show “The Connect”, being featured on Yahoo! Finance, and becoming part of the board of directors of the SocietyGal group…

But, honestly, it all started (and remained strong) due to me deciding I would seriously invest in rebuilding my visibility and establishing my authority as an expert by focusing on ONE social media platform: Instagram.

The power of social media.

I didn’t pitch to any of those companies. I was invited! I was invited to be on the board of directors, I was invited to write for Honeybook, and I was invited to teach on Skillshare.

I was invited because I was sharing content and positioning myself as an authority.

Ok, now on to the actual 10 steps to building a successful brand

When I realized people wanted to work with me and not necessarily my studio, it shifted my approach to my business.

Instead of prioritizing the rebuilding of my studio’s website (still pending, as I write this post), I prioritized rebuilding the whole Kelly Brito brand.

Coincidentally, I have been reframing my thought and teaching process, when it comes to branding. My focus has been: How can I share what I know through TACTICAL takeaways, that ANYONE can implement, and will cut out all the BS -keeping only what we actually NEED to build a successful brand? Well, to start the process, anyway.

If anyone asked me: “What should I do to build a successful brand?”

Instead of answering “Well, depends on what your goal is”, I want to say: “Yes, branding is a long-term goal and complex, BUT to get started strong, here is what I would do…” BAM! Like that.

The conclusion I came to was:

1. Brand purpose

2. Storytelling

3. Brand voice

4. Clarity on who the ideal client is (market > audience > client)

5. Brand positioning

6. Strategic brand identity

7. Brand Promise

8. Consistent presence in one platform

9. Have a website

10. Be Active in my community

Now, I’m biased in saying this, but you definitely want to watch this webinar. It is only 15 minutes and pitch-free (yup, no awesome upgrade offer after). I give examples and explain all the why’s of each point on the webinar.

You get instant access to it on my resources pageSo, go ahead and give it 15 minutes of your time today. And let me know what you think -so I can create the upcoming workshops and masterclasses to fit your needs. Meanwhile, visit the podcast for more branding tips.