Why You Need Brand Identity Guides

Why do we talk about mood boards so much but rarely touch the topic of brand identity guides? They are as important as -if not MORE important- moodboards. If the moodboard is the opening step of your branding process, the identity guide is the closing step.

Why Should You Have a Brand Identity Guide?

Well, once you’re finished with your brand identity design (the first, main, elements, anyway), you will want to have them all in one place. One board, where you collect your logo, colors, fonts, photos, etc. Your go-to place, so you can make sure that you’re always “on brand.” Because, believe me, it’s really easy to lose track of things -specially depending on how stretched out your business presence is.

How to Use Brand Identity Guides

Share it with professionals with whom you will collaborate or that you are hiring to work on your brand. For example, if you hire a photographer, sharing your identity guide with her will provide invaluable info about your brand. It will help your photographer understand your message, your “vibe,” and how to help you get the images that actually compliment your branding goals.

The same applies to marketing strategists, copywriters, etc. 

Brand Identity Guides Options

You can have your brand Identity Guides as simple or as complex as you want. I tend to create something truly simply for my design clients -a place to collect the main elements of their identity design. 

But if you are a CEO, you can add your brand promise, message, mission, brand words, and possibly create a booklet with anything and everything about your brand. It’s a great tool to share with your employees, to make sure everyone understand how to use each element of your brand.


The Brand Identity Guide can be a powerful tool to help you stay on brand and always help improve your brand experience. If you are new to branding, start with episode 01 on brand, branding, and visual identity.

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